ACM competition rules

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Submission evaluation

Submissions are automatically evaluated immediately aftes sending. When the testing system is under high load, submissions are queued for evaluation, and with a waiting time up to a few minutes.

Submissions are checked on a set of tests common for all participants. Tests are run sequentially until either all tests pass (in which case a submission is accepted as correct), or a first failing test is found. Participant receives the verdict, as well as the number of the first failing test if submission failed.


Problem is deemed solved if it has a submission accepted by the testing system and not rejected by jury.

Time spent on solving a problem is a time (in minutes) passed since the start of the contest until the moment of first accepted submission, plus 20 minutes of penalty time for each failed submission before that. Time spent on non-accepted problem is zero. Total time is a sum of time spent on all problems.

Participants are sorted in descending order of solved problems count. Participants with equal number of solved problems are sorted in ascending order of total time. Participants with equal number of solved problems and equal total time share the same place.

Rank table uses the following notation:

+problem is solved from the first submission
+Xproblem is solved after X failed submissions
-Xproblem is not solved (with X failed submissions)

For solved problems, time spent is displayed, including penalty time.

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