Submission judging verdicts

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Submission judging consists of the following steps:

  1. Submission compiling;
  2. Input data preparation, submission running;
  3. Output checking;
  4. Manual verification.
Step 1 is performed once for each submission, steps 2 and 3 — once for each test, step 4 is performed only on some problems specifically designed for manual verification.

Submission judging can result in following verdicts:

AbbreviationNameDescriptionPossibly caused by
OKOK / Solution acceptedTest passed / solution accepted.-
RJRejectedSolution is rejected. Displayed when browsing other contestants' submissions during the contest.
CECompilation errorCompilation error. Syntax error, wrong file submitted, wrong programming language chosen.
LILinter errorSource code check failed. Usage of library function forbidden by problem statement, source formatting violates specification, wrong programming language chosen.
RERun-time errorError during execution, submission finished with non-zero exit code. Wrong input file name, out of bounds array access, halt/exit/return statement with non-zero argument.
PEPresentation errorChecker was unable to parse output file. Wrong output file name, wrong output file format, output to console instead of file, output file not closed.
WAWrong answerOutput is incorrect.Error in algorithm.
TLTime limit exceededTime for a test is limit exceeded. Inefficient algorithm, infinite loop, slow programming language.
ILIdleness limit exceededIdleness limit for a test is exceeded. Long waiting without loading the CPU, input from keyboard.
MLMemory limit exceededMemory limit for a test is exceeded. Inefficient algorithm, using programming language with wasteful memory allocator.
WLWrite limit exceededWrite limit for a test is exceeded. Infinite loop during output, multiple rewrites of output file.
SVSecurity violationContest rules violation. Performing actions forbidden by rules, such as network access. Plagiarism.
ISIgnored submitSubmission is ignored. Submission failed for no fault of the contestant.
AWAwaiting manual verificationAwaiting for verification by human judge. Submission has passed automated checks, awaiting manual inspection.
MRRejected by manual verificationRejected by human judge. During the manual inspection submission was judged unacceptable. For example, bad coding style.
BABannedParticipant is no longer permitted to submit this problem. Illegal access to hint or source code for solution.

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