Working with the console

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General description

Console (accessible trough “console” main menu entry) is designed for viewing history of submitted solutions and their status, and for communicating with jury.

Console’s interface consists of chronologically ordered list of event records. There are four kinds of events: submitting of a solution, question to the jury, a message from the jury and a notification of a contest start/finish.

Console contents is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds. Refresh interval is configurable in a profile settings.


For already tested submissions submission time, name of participant, name of problem and a verdict are displayed. For submissions still in queue, "NP" (not processed) is displayed instead of a verdict, and for submissions currently in testing "T" (testing) is displayed.

During the contest, verdicts of other participants are displayed as either "OK" (solution accepted) or "RJ" (solution rejected). When final contest results are published, detailed verdicts of all participants become available.

Clicking on problem name field allows to view source code of the submission. Clicking on verdict field allows to view detailed test results of the submission.

Questions to jury

To ask jury a question, enter question text in "Question to jury:" field in the lower part of the page and press "Send" button.

Questions asked by the participant, jury answers and messages from jury to all participants are displayed in the console.


To simplify and optimize interface, by default the console displays only the recent events related to the current user.

To display events for a longer period, select period length and measurement unit form the drop-down list above the console and press "Search" button. To display events related to all participants, click "all" link to the left of the period drop-down.

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