Problem H. Hlelo? wrold

Input file:Standard input   Time limit:1 sec
Output file:Standard output   Memory limit:512 Mb


Young programmer Vasya writes a "hello world" program in a simple programming language. Program consists of a single line and should look like that:


Vasya is very bad at typing. While trying to enter the line above, he pressed letter keys L times, special character keys C times (including quotes, comma and parentheses). Vasya also pressed backspace key B times, erasing a single character every time.

Your program must determine if it is possible in principle that Vasya achieved the exact text above.

Input format

Input file contains integers L, C, B.

Output format

Output file must contain a single line YES or NO.


0 ≤ L, C, B ≤ 100

L + C ≥ B

Sample tests

No. Standard input Standard output
15 5 0
2 7 6

0.606s 0.322s 15