Problem I. Interactive circles

Author:A. Usmanov, A. Baranov   Time limit:1 sec
Input / output:interactive   Memory limit:512 Mb


The problem is interactive and involves interacting with the jury program by sending and receiving messages in specific format.

Let there be a two-dimensional point, it's known that the point is located inside a circle with radius 1.0 and the center at axes origin.

You're allowed to send queries in the form "check if circle with a center (x, y) contains the given point".

For the first query circle radius is 0.9. For each of the next queries the radius is reduced by 0.1.

You are to send exactly 8 queries in such a way, that the last one contains the point in question.

Interaction protocol

For each query print to output stream (stdout) two numbers (x, y) specifying the circle center.
Do not forget to flush the stream after each query.

As a response input stream (stdin) will receive a single integer:
1 — the circle contains the point; 0 — otherwise.


For the program to work correctly a line break
should be output and flush
should be performed
after each query sent to the output thread.

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