IMCS is created to improve and develop mathematical, informational and economics-mathematical education in the Far East. Deep integration with the institutes of FEB RAS, efficient use of scientific potential, united guidance of educational and scientific activity in mathematical field are the main goals of IMCS.

   One of the most significant dates in recent history for IMCS is 1972, when the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was divided in two separate ones. In 1994 the Faculty of Mathematics was broadened and on its base the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences was established, which was then transformed into the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. (Order №189 from 02.11.99).

   The deans and heads of the Institute have made a great contribution to development of IMCS. They are the ones who created special mathematical atmosphere and traditions inside the university: corresponding member RAS N. V. Kuznetsov, professor V. B. Osipov, R. P. Shepeleva, V. A. Shlyk, assistant professor V. I. Kudryavtseva, outstanding scientists and professors: academicians of AS USSR A. A. Voronov, E. B. Zolotov, professors: D. S. Anikonov, T. L. Gavrilova, A. S. Kleschev, V. F. Kozlov, B. I. Kogan, I. D. Kochubievsky, S. G. Krein, I. P. Mituk, G. K. Pak, E. M. Semenov, N. N. Frolov, U. E. Shishmarev, assistant professors: G. K. Antoniuk, A. S. Haramonov, L. E. Burshtein, N. G. Vasilenko, G. G. Durnov, L. A. Zernishkina, L. V. Kalinovskaya, L. A. Molchanova, E. K. Trischenko and many others.

   Nowadays IMCS numbers 21 professors and 44 assistant professors. IMCS successfully cooperates with institutions of FEB RAS. In IMCS departments work the heads of laboratories, leading researchers of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Institute of Automation and Control Processes FEB RAS, doctors of science: A. I. Abakumov, I. L. Artemieva, L. T. Ashepkov, B. B. Gribova, E. A. Nurminsky, I. V. Prokhorov, E. E. Skurikhin, V. F. Filaretov. Scientific school "Selected problems of theoretical and applied mathematics" under the guidance of corresponding member RAS V.N. Dubinina and Dr. Sc. G. V. Alekseeva was twice (2006-2007 and 2008-2009) among the chief scientific schools of Russian Federation marked with the grant of the Russian President. On IMCS FESU base in 2007 was established Research Educational Centre "Theoretical and Applied Mathematics"(order №33/4 from 7.02.2007). The head of REC is the dean of IMCS, corresponding member RAS M. A. Guzev.

  Today IMCS consists of nine departments: Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Logic, Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Computer Simulation, Computer Technology, Management Processes, Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Software, three scientific laboratories: System Programming, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Methods in Economics, as well as Scientific Educational Computing Center, which includes 4 computer classes and computer cluster system. In the University an education is going in four specialties and three directions of bachelor and master programs.

  Currently there are more than 500 students and 24 postgraduate students studying in IMCS.